How to Keep CO-VID Out of Your Home

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How to Keep CO-VID Out of Your Home
Written By: Brian Lund ~ 8/27/2020

We have discussed how to sanitize your home, and your counters, and your surfaces at home. What has not been talked about is how to keep COVID out of your home. Here are some tips for how to ensure you are not bringing COVID into your home.

If you are an essential worker:

  • Do not wear jewelry or watches to work as the coronavirus can stick to those surfaces
  • Do not wear contact lenses as you are constantly touching your face to adjust, put in and take out
  • When you get home, change your clothing in an isolated area: such as the laundry room or the garage
  • Keep your clothing consistently washed, if you have multiple items and you do not want to do laundry everyday, keep those closed in a bag in an isolated area until ready to do laundry
  • Wash your hands each time after touching those clothes
  • Shower when you get home to ensure you are not spreading those germs throughout your household

If you are a non-essential worker but still need to go out:

  • If you are going to the grocery store
    • Bring your own mask and disposable gloves
    • Bring your own bags to carry your groceries home
    • Change gloves frequently if touching more than one item
    • Ensure washing of hands or using hand sanitizer after leaving the store
    • Sanitize each product before putting away
  • If you are going out to eat or picking food up
    • Ensure wearing a mask and gloves
    • If sitting down in a restaurant make sure to wipe down the table with a disinfectant wipe
    • Only take your mask off when eating
    • Ensure social distancing practices are being implemented
    • Wash your hands before and after you eat

These practices can only help to ensure that you are not bringing this disease into your home and keeping you and your family safe. Continue to make sure that you are wiping down counters and disinfecting things brought into your home!

Stay safe!


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