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Fall Cleaning Checklist
Written By: Brian Lund ~ 10/22/2020

We all know that season when we clean our houses and purge the things that we do not need anymore. What about the second season that we should be doing this? Fall Cleaning! This will help you go into the winter time feeling fresh and ready for the holidays. Follow this fall checklist to get ready for the fun activities that are ahead!

Kitchen and Bathrooms

  • Clean the grout in the floors. If you are like most people you have tile flooring and dirt and grout gets in between those. You can do this with simple Scrubbing Bubbles and some elbow grease!
  • Many people do not think to clean their refrigerator thoroughly. Now is the time to take everything out, clean all the drawers and the shelves and even the refrigerator coils!
  • Along with your fridge, do not forget your dishwasher! You can clean this by running the dishwasher empty with some soap and some Jet Dry!
  • The biggest one in most households that get forgotten often are the garbage cans that go out to the street every week. Wash and disinfect these at least once a year so it does not attract bugs and birds.

Bedroom and Closet

  • If you are not ready for buying new bedding and sheets, do an extra wash on all of it! Strip the bed and the pillows and wash it all, this way you go into the winter time feeling fresh!
  • Flipping your mattress helps you sleep better and helps the mattress’ longevity. You can get on a routine for flipping your mattress every 3, 6 or 9 months.
  • With the cold weather you may want to think about putting flannel sheets and a heavier duty comforter.

Living Areas

  • Vacuum all the furniture and underneath all of your cushions
  • Dust all of your plants and shelves, but ensure you are dusting and not just moving around the dust
  • Sanitize all of the common things in your living areas such as remotes and tables and door handles


  • Change your HVAC filter for the winter time
  • Replace and check all of your fire alarm batteries
  • Sweep your chimney and have your fireplace have them maintenance.
  • Clean all of your gutters and ensure they are clean and ready to go

The last thing that you should do for winter is to sage your house. Saging a house has been around for generations and has crossed into all cultures around the world. Saging your house is the act of burning dried herbs and moving around the house with the smoke. This is to reset all of the negative energy in your home and bring you a sense of peace going into the next chapter of your life. You can sage each month, or you can sage every 3 months. Happy Fall Cleaning!!!



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