5 Ways to Avoid Spreading or Getting Germs

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5 Ways to Avoid Spreading or Getting Germs
Written By: Brian Lund ~ 9/10/2020

After the enlightenment of Co-Vid was brought to the population’s attention, everyone went into full awareness of how to not spread germs and how to avoid getting germs. Here are 5 ways to avoid spreading and getting germs.

  • Wash your hands frequently! A lot of people wash their hand more than after they go to the bathroom and think that is enough. Here is a list of every time you should be washing your hands.
    • After coughing
    • After sneezing or blowing your nose
    • After touching used anything
    • After touching your pets
    • After coming into contact with garbage
    • After coming home from any public place
    • Before and after eating
  • Avoid touching your face. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) this is the most common and easiest way that people transfer germs from their hands to their body. This is because the germs get transferred through the membranes in the eyes, mouth and nose. Do not touch your face! If you have something that itches, either wash your hands FIRST or use a clean towels or paper towel.
  • Keep the germs away: in order to avoid sharing germs and getting multiple sick you should never be sharing towels, make-up, toys between kids, food, utensils, beverages…etc. This will help keep you and those around you safe.
  • Clean and disinfect common areas frequently. Disinfect all areas of the house and door knobs, light switches, cutting boards, kitchen sink, counter tops. Ensure you throw out old sponges and wash dirty towels as they collect germs too.
  • If you are sick, stay home! If someone else is sick, try to stay as far away as you can. Even though they might not be contagious, you can still get germs that can turn into something in your body. If you have control over sending employees home, ensure that you are keeping your workplace safe as well. Just like what you would do at home, clean and disinfect all the common areas at your workplace (doorknobs, counters, and telephones).


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